Our training facility specializes in weight loss, athletic strengthening,
core improvement, and assisting individuals on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Todd Davenport, owner and personal trainer at TruSculpt, has been in the personal training industry for over 15 years, and has helped hundreds of individuals achieve great fitness accomplishments including: strength training, toning, athleticism, and much more. Nutrition guidance is the foundation of our programs. With us, you will learn the correct way to get in great shape.
We have a strong desire in motivating and directing clients in a way that gets the best results for both the body and mind. If we can retrain the mind with healthy eating habits and add a regular training program you are sure to see positive results. We know that if you treat your body right by prioritizing you will have less stress and ultimately live a longer and healthier life. We all practice the same things we teach and believe that’s the reason for good health and shape.
The team at TruSculpt use proven techniques and cutting edge information to maximize results for each client, giving them a customized and personalized program. We welcome people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to join us and undergo their own personal transformation.

You deserve to feel like a million bucks, and we want to get you there.

What our customers are saying

  • Confidence and Balance

    "Last year I turned 39 and I decided I needed to do something now, I needed to make a lifestyle change before reaching the big 4-0. It had been at least ten years since the last time I exercised. Todd helped me tremendously in many ways, not only did I lose weight and tone my muscles but I learned how important eating the right foods is essential to weight loss too. I've gained confidence and balance I didn't know I had lost. The changes within me not only benefit me but have encouraged my loves ones to change their lifestyle as well."

  • Life-changing results!

    "My job requires that I travel almost 100% of the time. I’d gained weight, lost energy and was unhappy with my physical condition. Todd Davenport worked around my schedule and made certain I was able to get at least 2 workouts in per week. Over the past year, I lost over 20 pounds and continue to gain strength and muscle. Todd’s flexibility and commitment inspired me and made a difference. He made me find the time in my schedule and I am grateful for the life-changing results!"

  • Customized Workout

    "It’s been just over a year and the changes have been astounding. From muscle gain to an increase in overall strength and endurance, not only have I seen the difference, but the people around me notice as well. I started at the weight of 172 pounds and am now up to 187 pounds, all of which has been pure muscle gain. Muscle increases have varied from half an inch to one and a quarter inches throughout my body, and fat loss has been no less than a quarter of an inch in all areas. I cannot recommend Todd Davenport of Tru Sculpt personal training enough! The customized workout programs and nutrition information that he will prepare for you are tailored to your specific needs and personal goals. It is truly a unique and individualized experience that will dynamically impact your life for the better."